100s Board for iPad

“I love, love, love 100s Board. My child has cp, and he has to learn to do math in head because he cannot write on his own…..yet! We use the 100s Board almost daily, and it is always on my list of top 5 apps. He does addition, subtraction, counting coins, even time, as well as the regular things you’d do on a 100s board . . .

. . . It has truly been life-changing for my son as far as math is concerned.”

The 100’s Board app is exactly that! A digital 100’s board that can show and hide all of the numbers to 100. Numbers can be pressed to change from black to red. All numbers can be hidden or shown at the same time, or in rows / columns of ten. Ten draggable counters are also included for even more fun and games!

This is a great educational K-12 app for helping children with their mathematics, making sense of numbers to 100. 100’s Board can be used for counting in 1’s, 2’s, 5’s and 10’s or can be used for any number of math games such as ‘squeeze’ or ‘guess my number’.

Great in the classroom, at home, or on the move! Here’s a review of the 100s Board app from Stuart Charles –>;;

Staple : 100s Board
I like the bit where he says, “I think it’ll be one of those staple apps that should be on every student’s iPad.”

And a review from some children at Yokohama International School –>;;

Reviews from the App Store
“This app is perfect for using in the classroom and for helping children with math. I would recommend it for everyone with children.”

“100s board – Versatile tool to work on counting, identifying missing numbers and developer is quick to respond to emails. Kdg teacher”

“Fine, very basic – My 6 year old enjoys the colorful place holders, but the description of this app did not clearly state that it is a digital manipulative, NOT a tutoring game. I might also suggest to the developers that a number chart should begin with 0 (this chart is useless for teaching math concepts through a number line).”


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